Aluminum PCR sealing film

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Aluminum PCR sealing film.

The Adhesive Aluminium Foil is equipped with a strong adhesive and peelable feature, suitable for high-temperature applications.

This foil provides an excellent bond, ensuring a seal of high integrity, developed specifically for PCR and other high-temperature applications to prevent sample evaporation.

With pierceability, the foil tears irregularly upon piercing, preventing vacuum formation. Additionally, perforated end tabs facilitate easy application and removal by peeling.

Best sealing results are achieved using the handheld Adhesive Seal Roller. Features include pierceable, peelable, and radiation sterilization. Suitable applications include PCR, high-temperature incubations, and low-temperature sample storage.

Compatible with 96-well, 48-well, and 24-well microplates, with a seal integrity range from -80°C to 120°C. Size: 143x83mm; Thickness: 100μm.

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Aluminum PCR sealing film, endure -80°C to 120°C, size: 143x83mm






100 pcs/bag