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APTACA has been producing disposable and reusable devices for Analysis Laboratories, Hospitals, Research Institutes, and the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry for over 40 years.

Continuous research and product development, excellent service, thorough and easily understandable technical documentation, as well as highly professional and passionate staff, are just some of the features that have allowed us to become a leader in the field.

APTACA boasts a modern and efficient production department, equipped with over 80 injection molding and blow molding presses for plastic material, and over 700 molds.

The most advanced production technologies, combined with highly qualified staff and thirty years of experience in the industry, allow Aptaca great flexibility and the ability to meet the widest range of customer requirements, offering them excellent service and a high-quality product at a competitive price.

All APTACA devices are designed, tested, and manufactured in-house using high-quality materials, compliant with the strictest applicable standards. All devices undergo rigorous quality controls, carried out in accordance with European and International regulations using state-of-the-art equipment.

Where applicable, APTACA devices are CE marked to ensure maximum safety for users.

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