Welcome to FALC INSTRUMENTS SRL, where excellence in laboratory equipment meets over five decades of industry leadership. Established in 1973 within Northern Italy’s industrial hub, they’ve honed their craft to become a trusted name in crafting and distributing top-tier instruments for chemical, pharmaceutical, and hospital laboratories.

Their relentless pursuit of innovation, backed by robust Research & Development, has birthed a diverse array of cutting-edge products. Collaborating closely with a team of skilled professionals, both domestically and internationally, they ensure their offerings meet every discerning need with unwavering quality and reliability.

Their heartfelt appreciation goes to their specialized technicians and workers whose expertise drives the design and construction of increasingly efficient instruments. Today, their headquarters in Treviglio span 5,000 square meters, housing state-of-the-art facilities and machinery dedicated to stringent quality control. Their modern facilities reflect their unwavering commitment to excellence, certified under UNI ISO 9001-VISION 2000 standards.

Here at FALC INSTRUMENTS SRL, they embody core values of passion, integrity, and respect. These principles guide their interactions with customers, collaborators, and each other, ensuring a seamless journey towards scientific excellence.

Their vision is not just to meet but exceed customer expectations, setting new benchmarks for quality and efficiency in laboratory equipment.

Their mission is rooted in continuous improvement, facilitated by their competent workforce. Through fostering partnerships and promoting knowledge sharing, they aim to elevate standards and drive innovation across the industry.

Welcome to FALC INSTRUMENTS SRL, where every instrument is crafted with precision, every partnership is valued, and every discovery is made possible.

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