Pipette tips filter – 200 μL

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Pipette tips with filter 200 μL

Available on short and long shape.

The pipette tip is made of imported PP material, excellent workmanship without bending. Special treated inner smooth wall can effectively avoid liquid hanging. The filter element can form an effective protection structure between the pipette and the sample, avoid sample contamination, ensure the safety of the sample transferring, and reduce the damage to the operator caused by the gas residue in the tip during the pipetting process.

  • Tip material: PP
  • Filter material: PE
  • Tip length: 50.5 mm
  • Sterilization: Radiation
  • Compatibility:Servicebio, Eppendorf, Thermo, Brand, Gilson, Rainin, D-lab, etc.
  • Certificate: CE, FDA, UKCA, etc.
  • Other information: DNase & RNase free, Pyrogen free (endotoxin-free)
  • Batch No outside carton packing
  • Size (rack):12.5*9.3*6.7 cm
  • Size (carton):70*49.5*30 cm

Please request the technical data sheet for all technical information.

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Sterile by Radiation. DNase & RNase free, Pyrogen free (endotoxin-free).


200 μL




Rack (96 pcs)

rack or bag / ctn


pcs / ctn