Plastic Optical PCR sealing film

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Plastic Optical PCR sealing film.

The Adhesive PCR Plate Seals are a dependable solution for sealing plates designed for PCR applications. These seals utilize high-integrity materials to provide optimal protection against evaporation, ensuring high efficiency PCR.

Features of the Scientific Adhesive PCR Plate Seals include:

  • Size: 136x79mm
  • Clear material allows for easy inspection of samples
  • Strong adhesive properties prevent evaporation during thermal cycling or sample storage
  • No sticky residue is left on the plate upon removal of the seal
  • End tabs facilitate easy application and removal of the seal
  • Temperature range: -20°C to 110°C

Plate Compatibility: These seals are compatible with both 96-Well Plates and 384-Well Plates, making them versatile for various PCR applications.

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Plastic Optical PCR sealing film, endure -20°C to 110 °C, size: 136x79mm






100 pcs/box